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What an innovative way to learn!

I wasn't sure what to expect, but this was charming and relaxing. Thank you 

Thank you! I wanted it to be a fun and comforting experience, so I'm glad you find it relaxing :)

Cute game!

Thanks! ^_^

liked it! (but I really wanted to sneak in the basement...)


Thank you! Maybe I should create a spin off where you just wander around the basement...

That was cool. I liked jumping the queues, it felt scandalous.

Haha, I'm glad! I definitely don't have the courage of doing it in real life...

That's a good thing! Queue jumping is a horrible sin best left to video games. Your library simulator is basically Grand Theft Auto V.

looks interesting - doesn’t work with an iPad though - off to fire up the laptop...

Oh, that's good to know! I wasn't sure what devices would support this - I believe it should work on mobile, but I need to do some more research...

This looks great and it was a really pleasant visit!

Thank you! I'm happy you had fun :D

Awesome! Great job!

Thank you so much!


Really nice, and a reminder of a strange and distant time when we could 'visit' 'places'.

Thank you! Yep, one of the reasons why I made this is that I miss idly wandering around buildings.


This is so cool! Great work <3


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)